Our Friends

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
— Henry Ford

Mat Bogust

In may 2010 THINK Packaging with a clear mission - to create exceptional packaging design. He is armed with skill, sheer determination, drive and a passion for my work. Having been a cardboard engineer for over a decade this has led him to work with many major agencies and blue-chip companies as the invaluable part of the creative/design process for new and innovative packaging solutions.


They make it their mission to understand brands and the psychological triggers needed in order for them to engage their consumers. These triggers are more often than not found in emotional truths rather than rational. We also believe that what rings true today will be truer still tomorrow even though we live in an ever-changing and increasingly complex and competitive world. Therefore we need ideas that can stand the test of time in order to create lasting effectiveness.

Greg Straight

Greg is a graphic designer and artist living in Auckland.  Always doodling, his active imagination was always going to lead to a life of creativity. He has worked in the field of visual arts for over a decade now and has the flexibility of a number of key styles. Along with a great understanding of composition and the importance of good typography, his artwork and illustrations are always approached with the full image in mind. His work has a strong graphic edge that is often humorous, occasionally subversive and always sought after.

Image Centre Group

At Image Centre their strength and success comes from our diverse range of creative service providers, all working together to share ideas, experience and knowledge of marketing. This has earned them a reputation as an innovator in multi-channel visual communications.