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If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking
— General George S. Patton


A folder with a difference. An example of Dpod being the photographer, Designer, Printer and Finisher. It certainly makes for a seamless process for all.



Dpod has created a brand identity for a new multi million dollar bowling and entertainment facility at the Metro Centre in Queen Street, Auckland. 



Peapods wanted to capitalise on a upcoming Parent and Child Show for which they had exhibited before. Previously they had struggled to sell quantities of more that 4 or 5 at a time of their unique reusable nappy and were wanting to try to increase sales. Dpod came up with an award winning packaging design that sold 10 nappies at a time. Sales for this show increased by 50% over previous years. 

Dpod DM

Where to start ... Idea - *BANG* Clapper board In a nutshell ... a working, cracking, snapping clapper board! Within this lies a cinema style pack that slides open on either side just like at the start of the movies. Showing off a DVD video showreel & a snazzy booklet with pro shot images of the packaging that we have created for clients. With some creative thinking and as always, some rather good cardboard engineering - the vision was born. The clapper is made from E Flute and has a magnetic closure on the reverse flap. Once you open this, a clever piece of wizardry has the inside popping out around 15mm so you can pull it out easily and think "what the ... how the ... ?" Once you calm your excitement levels, you simply pull either end of the stage apart and it reveals the goodies to drool over.


Dewalt wanted to create an eye catching design for their mobile demonstration trailers. Below are some behind the scenes shots of the making of this particular design. Photoshop is one awesome tool.